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Create a lifestyle blogging about what you are most passionate about!

Posted by Patricia Pollock on April 5, 2017

Step 5. Blog Cafe

Adverise Your Blog

Posted by Patricia Pollock on March 5, 2017

Step 4. Blog Studio

Marketing Your Blog

Posted by Patricia Pollock on February 5, 2017

Step 3. Build Your Blog

It is important for you to know what you want to share and why? Your reasons for sharing can be wide and varied. Simple examples could be blogging or vlogging about your hobby, your job, your life, your travel tips, career or even reviewing a product or service.  It really does not matter, so long

Posted by Patricia Pollock on January 6, 2017

Step 2. Do Your Research

There are a variety of ways to promote your blog but in order to do it correctly from the start your efforts must be measured. To do this analytic tools with varied features are placed on your blog to measure predetermined goals. Analytics offers the foundation for developing a clear comprehensive picture of your blog.

Posted by Patricia Pollock on January 5, 2017

Step 1. What Is A Blog?

Introduction What is a blog? Select niche right for you Find forums which compliment niche What problems are you hoping to help solve Read articles – answer questions, like, share, add comment and signature as guest blogger Identify long tail keyword search termss Conduct long tail keyword research Choose domain name based on your findings

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