Step 3. Build Your Blog

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It is important for you to know what you want to share and why?

Your reasons for sharing can be wide and varied. Simple examples could be blogging or vlogging about your hobby, your job, your life, your travel tips, career or even reviewing a product or service.  It really does not matter, so long as you are not offensive to others and are within the law.

My decision to create this blog was to pass on lesson learned in easy steps for you to succeed…

This WordPress blog was built watching Tyler’s video. In his video Tyler demonstrates ‘step by step, with no steps skipped’, how to create your own blog in simple steps as a beginner.

What you should do now…

Follow steps in order, pause or rewind video as required, it can literally be at your own pace from start to finish!

Watch video below to complete

Step 3 – Build Your Blog


N.B. There are many templates available for a range of blog interests through WordPress.  Nevertheless, if theme choice are not specific to your need, customise to match your taste.  Having said that and you still do not find one you prefer within WordPress, there are countless independent WordPress themes outside of WordPress which can be either purchased or downloaded FREE to your WordPress dashboard.

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