Step 1. What Is A Blog?

Learn How To Select The Right Niche!

You will learn:

  1. How to build your WordPress blog
  2. Choosing a domain name & host provider
  3. How to install a WordPress theme
  4. Customise your WordPress blog

STEP 3 - Tyler walks you through easy steps, 'with no steps skipped', to starting your own blog.




When you have completed   STEP 1  Go the Step 2



Step 2 - Do Your Research

Who Is Your Audience?

You will learn:

  1. Choose Your Objective - What are you trying to accomplish?  Drive sales, launch a product. lead generation?
  2. Set Up User Tracking Analysis
  3. Collect Data
  4. Define Goals
  5. Identify Critical Actions
  6. Link Google Analytics tracking code
  7. Audit Report Analysis

Step 3 - Learn How To Market Your Blog

What Is Social Media Marketing?


Step 4 - Monetise Your Blog

Learn How To Earn From Your Blog